New paintings

I have been woking on some new pantings ready for the Brighton tattoo convention in a couple of weeks. Limited edition prints of these new paintings will also be available at the convention.

There are a few more paintings which I am hoping to get finished for the convention, along with a new mug design and some new screen prints. 

new mug

Here is my newest mug. They were for sale at the London convention in September and will also be available in the Brighton tattoo convention along with another new design I am working on.

Brighton Tattoo Convention

Get your thermals on and head on down to the very brilliant Brighton Tattoo Convention at the end of January. We are very happy to be returning for our fourth year, courtesy of Woody. Preparations are in full swing, with canvases primed and sketches ready I really do have alot to do. I see many long nights ahead, this year there will be some larger work with the usual run of limited edition prints. I've ordered wooden chests to paint and found a few beautiful small pieces of furniture too. With luck we will also have screenprinted tees and bags . I'll post a few pics as and when stuff gets done, Amy is moving back into my studio next week so hopefully that will fuel the creative flow ( either that or we'll strangle each other) hopefully the former. So get your tickets sorted, they're selling like hot cakes, so don't miss out xx

London tattoo convention 2011

This time two weeks ago we were in London, preparing ourselves for what we hoped was going to be a busy weekend. 
We have received quite a few messages from people asking where we were at the convention as some people couldn't find us. Sorry! We weren't in our usual spot, we were in a room on the other side of the corridor by the main stage. So, if you didn't find us, you couldn't of looked very hard ;-) 

We had an awesome big L- shaped space with lots of room to put up all of our new pictures.

The number of amazing artists at the convention is unbelievable! Here are just a few of them Marina Inoue, Stuart Cripwell, Miss Arianna, Samuele Briganti, Bert Krak, El monga, El Bara, Ryan Mason, Chad Koeplinger, Sarah Schor .... and the list goes on and on

Yet again, the convention was a great success and we got to meet up with friends and make lots of new ones. For any one who missed us at the convention hopefully you will be able to make it to the Brighton tattoo convention.
All of the new paintings and limited edition prints are available on the website

El Gato

So many people love the 'Princess' painting, so I decided to paint a black cat. Lots of people loved Princess because she looks similar to their cat, hopefully you will all like this one too. I took this picture before I gave him some clothes. He looks much better all dressed up.

New screen print!

Amy screen print these for me in time for tattoo jam and I am really happy with them. This is one that we framed up for the convention. 

print only is £20 and we will be selling them at the Norwich tattoo convention this weekend. They are limited to 100 so get one before they are gone!

In progress

I didn't manage to get this finished in time for tattoo jam but hope to get it ready for the Norwich convention this weekend. 

Sneak peak

I am working on a couple of new paintings for tattoo jam which is in Doncaster from the 5th-7th of August.  I have taken a couple of close up photos, just to give you sneaky peak at it. 
The original and limited edition prints will be available at the convention. 

paint paint everywhere

 Here are a couple of close up photos from my studio.

new addition

Its been a little while now but, back in april, Evs had his back piece started by Chad Koeplinger and it is amazing! Chad was in the u.k for a little bit and Evs was lucky enough to get an appointment. He was guesting at Frith street tattoo in Soho so Evs and Amy went up to the big smoke for a couple of days.

 He has got a couple of sittings left but already it is very impressive. I am looking forward to seeing the finished piece!

If you will...

I have recently noticed, that there are a few blogs and sites that are using some images of my work. It is very  flattering that my work is being used but, Some of these images are quite large files and do not have watermarks. I am not sure how people have got hold of these images and probably never will, however, if you are going to put something on your blog, website, or whatever, all I ask is that you at least give me a credit and hopefully a link to my site. 

Thank you

Liverpool 2011

We had a stall at the Liverpool tattoo convention this year. It was the first time we had done it and it was also the first time we had attempted to do two conventions on the same weekend! Amy and Evs went up to Liverpool and I went to Plymouth. It wasn't quite as hectic as we had expected getting ready for two conventions at once. Maybe its because in anticipation of all the stress and madness we were actually organised! 
Here are a couple of photos from the convention.

Amy and Evs had a great weekend and were in awe of the building. Our spot looks great in the photos, it is probably the grandest stall we have ever had. 

Evs is a huge Beatles fan and loved looking around the city and visiting all of the famous spots.
The convention was a great success and and they both had a brilliant weekend.

We are looking forward to next year!
Good news, Pedro and Rita sold at Pens and Needles in London, I hear they've gone to a good home, but I will miss them.


Amy and Evs

Nicole in party spirit


Sorry I've been really slack, but I'm going to make up for it.We took a trip to London this month for an action packed cultural feast( two exhibition openings, visiting friends ,eating out, shopping, celebrity spotting,ticket acquiring and many miles of general exploration)all in two days.We kicked off with Spittalfields antique market where I bought a handsome taxidermy fox,whilst in 14 bike co. we spotted Brian May outside on the street signing stuff,quite unexpected, wish it was someone I liked.Later on we went to Rodrigo's exhibition at Upper Playground, which was great, his collages of vintage photographs, hand written letters stitched and fixed together were beautiful. I bought a print which included someone licking some one's bum hole, ( I noticed it later)but I still like it. Later back at the hotel Amy and Ev's decided to have a fun filled harmless wrestling match which rapidly escalated into dangerous territory when Evs scratched Amy's face with his toenail, this enraged Amy beyond belief and I bit my pillow not to laugh.
Next morning I demonstrated what a lovely girlfriend I am by going all the way to The Roundhouse in Camden to wait in line for for myself, Mark , Tom and Sophie( but mainly for Mark) He actually seemed grateful, I might have even heard a thank you but I can't be certain.
We called in to Tutti,Rodrigo and Ceasar's lovely new shop Black Garden Tattoo where we were treated to a tour, ( and a chance to see Tutti's carpentry ) . Later we dropped off a print for Nicole at The Family Business, and a chance to meet Mo Coppoletta and have a look around his beautiful shop. We continued our exploring at a whirlwind pace, eating cakes , buying nice things and being sure that Evs missed not one bike shop whatsoever. After a stop off at Frith Street so Evs could book in with Valerie we made our way to Westbourne Studios for the opening of Pens and Needles at London Miles gallery. I had six pieces of work in the exhibition, loads of people turned up, people commented on my work and took photographs, I like being un-noticed, that's when you really hear what people think. The standard was high, in particular Sean Barber, Claudia , Xam and Daniel Albrigo were my favourites. Shelley rode across London to meet us at the show which was really nice of her, we had a good night but had to finally give in to exhaustion and bid the big smoke goodnight before our long drive home.


Hello , here's a bit of a peek at a new painting, it's not available on the website at the moment because it's going to be part of an exciting new exhibition at the London Miles gallery near Portobello road. The exhibition, Pens and Needles, includes some pretty impressive tattooists and painters, I'm quite honored to be part of it, not to mention slightly scared at the prospect of my own work hanging in such excellent company. The opening is next Friday, I'll be sure to post some pics and tales from the night for anyone who's interested.

Brighton Tattoo Convention

My new year resolution is to keep my blog updated on a regular basis, but you may have to bare with me, I'm truely rubbish at all things internet ( last night I spent a whole hour trying to work out why my new post was appearing in Hindi ) but here goes....We're home from what is our most favourite convention, Brighton. Woody's show in his favourite city and coastline is special in so many ways but for me, the choice of tattooists who work relentlessly all weekend , as well as the entertainment , stalls and facilities coupled with the professional friendly support of the staff make it a really great show. This was our 3rd year at Brighton and it was good to see an evergrowing swell of familiar faces and friends, both Amy and Evs got new tattoos so they were happy bunnies. Our stall was hectic all weekend and we came home exhausted but happy.
Thanks to Woody for including us xx

My Little Princess.

This is one of my most recent paintings, The piece is called Princess, It is acrylic on canvas and is a portrait of my cat pip squeak.

and here are a couple of pictures of Pip squeak in the garden this summer, she is the most beautiful cat in the world.

The original has sold but you can buy a limited edition print on my website.

Brighton Tattoo convention 2010

This was our stand at the Brighton tattoo convention at the beginning of the year. The convention is amazing, one of the best, some of the best artists from around the world, an awesome venue and great people.

The next Brighton convention is on the 29th and 30th of January, you should definitely go, it will be worth every penny!

The artist list for 2011 is up, I am sure it is going to be another brilliant year.

Me, myself and I...

You can buy my original paintings and limited edition prints on my website.