Sorry I've been really slack, but I'm going to make up for it.We took a trip to London this month for an action packed cultural feast( two exhibition openings, visiting friends ,eating out, shopping, celebrity spotting,ticket acquiring and many miles of general exploration)all in two days.We kicked off with Spittalfields antique market where I bought a handsome taxidermy fox,whilst in 14 bike co. we spotted Brian May outside on the street signing stuff,quite unexpected, wish it was someone I liked.Later on we went to Rodrigo's exhibition at Upper Playground, which was great, his collages of vintage photographs, hand written letters stitched and fixed together were beautiful. I bought a print which included someone licking some one's bum hole, ( I noticed it later)but I still like it. Later back at the hotel Amy and Ev's decided to have a fun filled harmless wrestling match which rapidly escalated into dangerous territory when Evs scratched Amy's face with his toenail, this enraged Amy beyond belief and I bit my pillow not to laugh.
Next morning I demonstrated what a lovely girlfriend I am by going all the way to The Roundhouse in Camden to wait in line for for myself, Mark , Tom and Sophie( but mainly for Mark) He actually seemed grateful, I might have even heard a thank you but I can't be certain.
We called in to Tutti,Rodrigo and Ceasar's lovely new shop Black Garden Tattoo where we were treated to a tour, ( and a chance to see Tutti's carpentry ) . Later we dropped off a print for Nicole at The Family Business, and a chance to meet Mo Coppoletta and have a look around his beautiful shop. We continued our exploring at a whirlwind pace, eating cakes , buying nice things and being sure that Evs missed not one bike shop whatsoever. After a stop off at Frith Street so Evs could book in with Valerie we made our way to Westbourne Studios for the opening of Pens and Needles at London Miles gallery. I had six pieces of work in the exhibition, loads of people turned up, people commented on my work and took photographs, I like being un-noticed, that's when you really hear what people think. The standard was high, in particular Sean Barber, Claudia , Xam and Daniel Albrigo were my favourites. Shelley rode across London to meet us at the show which was really nice of her, we had a good night but had to finally give in to exhaustion and bid the big smoke goodnight before our long drive home.