London tattoo convention 2011

This time two weeks ago we were in London, preparing ourselves for what we hoped was going to be a busy weekend. 
We have received quite a few messages from people asking where we were at the convention as some people couldn't find us. Sorry! We weren't in our usual spot, we were in a room on the other side of the corridor by the main stage. So, if you didn't find us, you couldn't of looked very hard ;-) 

We had an awesome big L- shaped space with lots of room to put up all of our new pictures.

The number of amazing artists at the convention is unbelievable! Here are just a few of them Marina Inoue, Stuart Cripwell, Miss Arianna, Samuele Briganti, Bert Krak, El monga, El Bara, Ryan Mason, Chad Koeplinger, Sarah Schor .... and the list goes on and on

Yet again, the convention was a great success and we got to meet up with friends and make lots of new ones. For any one who missed us at the convention hopefully you will be able to make it to the Brighton tattoo convention.
All of the new paintings and limited edition prints are available on the website